Text 27 Aug Updates!

Okay, I tried to enter Ludum Dare, but had things pop up during the weekend. I got to work for about 2 hours in total and barely got a movement system implemented.

I have been working on my sad attempt for a bit now. I got a movement system similar to http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/wip-daedalus/26049/view.html. The camera rotates and the player moves relative to the rotation.

Unfortunately, with the Mouse.getDX() function implemented by LWJGL, the camera doesn’t rotate when a mouse button is pressed down. In fact, it reads 0.0 whenever a button is pressed. I will have to look at this more to see what kind of a workaround there is.

Anyway, on to the game. I am planning on merging the mechanics on this game, and the theme on my other rpg game. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get this working with 2D visibility and shadows to make a nice game. I also seem to love connected textures, so this game has them implemented.

Also (right now), the dungeons are hand made. I am looking into several algorithms which will generate a dungeon for me. I am thinking about having a square, and then separating that into smaller rectangles, and then putting a door on each wall. Hopefully I can get this implemented. My backup plan is to create rooms and link them together. Either way, I think it will turn out nice.

Here are some pictures so you can get an idea on what it looks like so far:



Text 19 Aug Dev Build 4: New Game Engine!

I’ve spent a lot of time and re-written most of the engine for this game. Stuff like collisions are a LOT easier to detect now. I sort of want to change the direction this game is going like incorporating some puzzle elements to go with the dungeon-crawling experience.

Text 2 Aug

I got maps working. They hold tiles, items, and entities. Still no saving system though. Also, collision detection is up and running. Unfortunately, with the way that I have handled player movement and world translation, it is a little buggy. I am going to have to change how movement works in order to have a clean and bug-free system.

Text 29 Jul

Got a shield working (still buggy, but working). Also added sounds pertaining to equipping weapons. Will probably start working on either the maps or player collision detection/resolver.

Text 28 Jul


Got a simple inventory and item system up and running. Press <e> to pick up the weapon. Press <1> - <6> to select inventory slot(Will probably add scrolling in the future). Also added a new weapon type: Swords. 

Edit: Well that was easier than expected. Got scrolling up and running!

Text 28 Jul

A new idea that I whipped up in a couple of hours. My plan is to make it into a hack and slash sort of game. Will start working on inventory system soon.

Text 26 Jul Chromalusus


This is a game that took me about a month to make (off and on). The goal is to not let the circles hit you. You shoot a laser with <space>. In order for the laser to do any damage though, it has to be the same color as the circle. You can change your color using the <a>, <s>, and <d> keys for the rgb elements, and then using <j> or <k> to assign either a light or dark value for that element.

The color mixing is based on light, so you can google how colors of light mix in order to get a feel for the game. Also, experiment!

Press <r> to reset your color, <p> to reset the game, and <esc> to exit to the title screen.

Download link:

Source Code:


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